Our Goal Daily.

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Our daily goal!  It’s very simple: GET BETTER!

Work harder than yesterday, put thought into your effort daily, hold yourself accountable, execute, etc. etc.  Every day as a coach we have an opportunity to send a message, use our tool of familiarity (baseball) and help it relate to the real world, teach life lessons and coach mistakes.  Pressure is healthy, it can lead to improvement; Stress is unhealthy, it can lead to mistakes. As a coach, I apply pressure at practice, pressure on execution, pressure on progressions, pressure on focus, pressure on paying attention to details and awareness.  As a coach, I must communicate and make everyone aware of the goal to hunt, in the time span given! Our unit needs to move as one towards the goal for the day, season, year and so on. What we are doing and when approached. I always like to establish a businesslike approach to practice, high intensity on focus. Young baseball players who are learning the fundamentals of baseball must have focus. We eliminate stress, which is the fear of making a mistake, stress is what causes young players to not perform well.  Throughout my coaching journey I made a million mistakes at practice and games, maybe not a million, but after coaching thousands and thousands of games over 15+ years, there have been many mistakes. We must learn and learn together, hold each other accountable and match our energy levels. Meanwhile, our professional staff is sure to keep the atmosphere fun, learning and family first oriented. Coaching is a learn on the job daily position, constantly learning new methods to train, teach and communicate to players and teams. The best part of coaching is it’s not perfected. Nobody is perfect. So it keeps it fun, motivating, and continue to stay inspired to coach better.  ENERGY IS KEY, DESIRE IS KING!

A strong message I send to athletes often and it’s one of my favorites and go-to talks when needed.  In order to “GET BETTER” at baseball, you must work hard, focus on your efforts when no one is watching or coaching you. In simple form, work hard all the time!  Be hard on yourself, it will serve you well in the future. Be prepared, it’s very important as a coach to be prepared with a plan in mind to attack and execute. When a team is prepared and follows a prepared coach, that team will see success. Teams that experience success have fun and gain confidence. As a coach your goals should match a pyramid or a pattern of three. For example, Listen, Effort, Respect — Preparation, Success, Confidence!  

Expect more, always demand more from the athlete. You’re not doing your job if you don’t push them. It’s a must to make your athletes uncomfortable, so they can experience growth as a player and as a person. Coaching is a huge responsibility and is the difference. Coaches have impacted my life and molded my self-discipline to inspire to play at the Major League level. The goal is to get better every day, bring it back to the basics, keep it fundamental, set routines and execute.

Work your team hard, GET BETTER!  

Keep It Simple…..


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