Me Versus Me, Me Versus You!

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Welcome to Tigers Coach Blog at our staff and I are super excited to provide our followers, fans, parents, players and youth baseball coaches a content page to help our baseball community, one post at a time.  At Technique the model has always been, improve daily, win everyday, work hard, have fun, etc. etc.  Training youth athletes on a daily basis is what we do here at 25 Lindeman Drive Trumbull, CT. 06611, in our 12,000 square foot facility we feature 9 batting tunnels, 3 pro mounds, 20 foot ceilings, all tunnels can move to open up our space to execute team defense, skill work, long toss and all your youth baseball training needs under one roof!  We also have a baseball specific weight room to make sure our athletes are implementing resistant training into regimens along with speed agility and quickness.  All of these amenities are available to all players that are part of the Technique Tigers Baseball Academy, the longest tenure travel baseball program in Fairfield County, CT.

BUT LETS FACE IT…… can build the Taj Mahal of baseball training facility but if the staff that makes up the atmosphere, environment or culture in your training facility are not skilled at communicating and teaching, its going to be a tough road ahead.  TTBA holds to three founding rules:  LISTEN, EFFORT & RESPECT!  Our training style is systematically structured to allow all player to improve skill sets over-time.  We believe preparation is the key to success in anything you do in life.


Let’s get something very clear, becoming a skilled pitcher is VERY difficult.  I do not want to start out this post being “negative nancy” or come across as being pessimistic.  I am speaking the truth with love and you need to understand that pitching in baseball is a battle that happens simultaneously and you need to learn to have fun with it and COMPETE ALL THE TIME!  The me versus me and the me versus you, a pitcher battles everyday.  This battle is the reason for the 100 dry reps per day, the extra arm care, the extra long toss session, the extra throws to a target.  The continuous battle is exhilarating when its going well and humiliating when it’s going bad!  Are you prepared to compete twice on everything?

Many layers to becoming a great pitcher.  It’s a journey to find what is RIGHT.  That’s the ultimate question, WHAT IS RIGHT?  In the life of an athlete, we are consistently trying to find ways to compete, be efficient and improve.  The goal is to be the best, win, conquer, overcome…….. no one tells you that as a pitcher you have to do that TWICE times!   

Me versus me, me versus you…. the constant battle.  To be a pitcher you have to love the mental challenge of competing against yourself (mentally) and against a batter (physically).  The love of doing this needs to be natural in order to get the most of your ability.  As an athlete you have to commit to the win twice approach, when a pitcher  genuinely loves that challenge that’s when he will experience the bliss, zen of being a dominant pitcher.  He will work harder towards his goals, it will not feel like work, it will feel fun, peaceful and RIGHT! 

“Throw strikes”,  simple focused statement, specific and detailed!  The name of the game “throw strikes” sounds easy, correct?  In baseball a pitcher throws a ball across home plate and the hitter attempts to hit the thrown ball somewhere into the field of play.  This is called a contest, at a contest people, COMPETE!  Keep it simple as a pitcher, you must be ready to compete, twice times!  A pitcher works everyday to develop the ability to consistently throw strikes in different areas of the strike zone to make it more difficult for the hitter to hit.  This requires skill and is difficult to do it consistently.  Unfortunately, internal pressure (me versus me) and external pressure (me versus you) kicks in, mechanics get out of sink, negative thoughts creep in and your courage is challenged.  As a pitcher you have to possess courage, if you start the throw the ball with fear you will not locate well and that usually results in a mistake.  Pitching is a difficult skill to master, not every pitch has to be a strike, a ball can be used to set up a strike later in that at bat.  A pitcher need to have courage to throw strikes and give him and his teammates the best chance to win the game!


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